Wow… its hot! We not complaining and we wouldn’t change it for the world….BUT it can make sleeping at night a bit more tricky!

Cook Residential have come up with some top tips to try to help you enjoy the benefits of enjoying the great British sunshine but also being able to retreat to a nice COOL home of an evening…

1.No air conditioning?

Air conditioning is a luxury to have, especially given the short lifespan of British summers! A fan hack alternative is to fill a mixing bowl with ice (or something equally cold, like an ice pack), and position it at an angle in front of a large fan. Its better than standing in front of your fridge freezer!

2.Sensible bedding

Cotton is the best choice, it breathes easier and stays cooler. Buckwheat pillows have a naturally occurring air space between them, they won't hold on to your body heat like conventional pillows, even when packed together in a pillow case.

3.Heat-proof your bed

The struggle is real! We all need a good night’s rest. Have you heard of Chillow’s? They are available at Amazon or Argos and you keep them under your head while you sleep. For feet, fill a water bottle, and put it in the freezer before placing it at the foot of your bed. And it sounds strange, but slightly dampening your sheets or popping them in a bag in the freezer before bedtime will help keep your body temperature down.

4.Turn on your bathroom fans

We forget about our cooker hood fans and bathroom extractor fans but hot air rises so both can pull the hot air that rises after you cook or take a steamy shower out of your house or apartment.

5.Turn your fan around

Fans can provide light relief in the form of a breeze but essentially, they just blow hot air around. If you point them outside, slightly towards the windows, they push out the hot air. If you have a ceiling fan set them counter-clockwise to pull the hot air away.

6.Keep your blinds or curtains closed

Closing the blinds or curtains creates an instant barrier from the heat that comes in from a window. It might be worth spending money on thermal lined curtains or blinds.

7.Close the door during the day

Closing the doors behind you will prevent cool air from permeating these areas during the hottest part of the day. You'll want to capitalize on the cooler night hours, too, letting air flow naturally through your home.

8.Let the night air in

Temperatures drop during the night so make the most of these refreshing hours by cracking the windows before you go to bed. Keep safety in mind and just be sure to close the windows and blinds before things get too hot in the morning

9.Natural light beats artificial light

Light energy gives off heat, so switch them off. The sun shines for longer now anyway so keeping the lights off not only saves on your energy bill, but cuts down on the extra heat.

10.Make sure your home is well insulated

We know what your thinking – surely this will make your house hotter?! Good insulation keeps the heat out of a cool room too. It’s a long term plan that is worth investing in and one that you will benefit from all year round.